The CMO’s Dream Stack

Marketing is about the force behind it. And most of it today is driven by emerging and incumbent technology. Very recently, I read a post on why we all should bet and invest on marketing technology than ads and others. In most recent interactions within marketing circles, the same question comes to the fore.

This post is an inspiration from a question that someone asked me last week – what is your dream marketing stack, all things considered? Which marketing tech stack do you think is built to succeed, what is hot out there?

There is no straight forward answer here but there’s definitely a heck lot of innovation to improve the marketing experience. And as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this is only the beginning. We’re seeing some ongoing consolidation in this space with the acquisition of marketing automation tools such as Pardot, Eloqua, and Marketo by Salesforce, Oracle, and private equity firms. And, we’ll continue to see a lot M&A activity with a one-stop-shop/single sign-on mindset.

One of the biggest challenges today is to manage diversified stacks and keep track of them. So consolidation and bringing everything together into one platform is going to be the future of lean marketing – as I see it.

Here’s a primer on SlideShare of tools and technology I’ve used and would like to use. I’ve tried to segment the marketing experience down into finer platform stacks. I’ve used almost 90% of this stack across several organizations. But the idea is to have a  seamless implementation with a good data science team in place.


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